Tea Lounge


Let’s face it! There is a very good reason why tea is the national beverage of India. Sure, we may occasionally like to unwind at one of the local coffee shops over a cup of cappuccino. However, even as our taste buds sip coffee, our innate nationality craves for tea.


What do you get when you drink tea at our Tea Lounge?


  • A healthy drink – our green tea, masala tea, iced tea, or herbal tea is prepared in the most hygienic fashion from packaged drinking water. No more coffee with loaded sugar! Even our assorted refreshments are healthy and home-made.
  • Come one, come all – whether you are looking for some alone time with your favorite book or music, a quiet time with a loved one or just some hangout time with your friends, our tea lounge provides the perfect ambience for every occasion.
  • We will very soon be coming out with our tea lounges in the heart of the city of Kolkata.
  • Become our patron and you could be one of our elite tea connoisseurs and enjoy members only privileges.
  • When you become our patron, you get an opportunity to be a part of book or music band launches as well as the opportunity to encourage local handloom and art craft activities.
  • Last but not least, our tea comes at an affordable price that does not cause a dent in your wallet.